The Self Search (Option 1 - Manual Search) provides unlimited Self Searching of property throughout Florida.  These property listings are provided via "IDX" data feeds from the many local MLS's in Florida.  This is the only way that Non-MLS participants can access the tens of thousands of property listings directly via the Internet.  When other Internet MLS Search Providers claim they are giving you access to the MLS, this is what they're providing to you.  The "IDX" mirrors the "MLS" and this way allows access to virtually all properties listed in the MLS throughout the State.  This is a great way to do general research, however there are several factors that make this option less comprehensive than a MLS Search (Option 2 - Auto Search).
These factors are:

1)  With a Self Search you are only allowed to search on certain fields.  A MLS Search allows searching on all data fields.

2)  With a Self Search not all information is provided - usually only one photo along with basic information about the property.  Some search providers limit this information even further by blocking property addresses, MLS ID #'s, etc.  We allow all information available to the IDX system to be displayed.  A MLS Search will provide Complete and much more detailed property information, along with multiple photos & virtual tours (when available).

3)  The information in the IDX system is pulled from the many local MLS's across the State and is typically updated only once or twice a week.  This means that properties still showing up as "Active" in the Self Search may already be under contract by the time you see it.  This is especially true when a new listing is priced exceptionally well, is rare and/or very desirable.  A MLS Search provides up to the minute information so you have the very latest and most accurate data possible - and you will have this information ahead of those using only a Self Search.

4)   Our IDX Self Search allows you to search for properties located anywhere in the State of Florida because the IDX system we use is controlled by FAR (Florida Association of Realtors).  A MLS Search requires direct access to the individual MLS where the property is located.  We currently have direct access to the MLS's in the following Counties:  Broward, Miami-Dade, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake, Lee, Marion, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Polk, Seminole, St. Lucie & Volusia.

5)  Finally, an IDX Self Search can be done completely by yourself, while a MLS Search must be set up by an Agent.  However, to keep the process as quick and simple as possible, setting up a MLS Search requires only a simple form (similar to the Self Search, but with greater flexibility & options) letting us know what your search requirements are and how to get them to you; which we process ASAP, 7 days a week.  You can make changes as often as you like, have as many searches as you need and keep them active for whatever time you want - a day or a year... it's up to you.

There is absolutely No Obligation and No Fees for using either search option above.

No information provided to us is shared with anyone else.

You will not be contacted by us unless you request to be contacted.

Any property you find in the Self Search will have a  "More Information" button on it that you can use to request additional information on any particular properties that you are interested in.  If you select this button without entering any comments about what information you want, we will email you the complete MLS data available on that property.  If you request specific information that may not be contained in the MLS data, we will do our best to get it for you and email it ASAP.

We will be happy to show you any properties you find that you may want to see.  In the event that you decide to make an offer on a property, we will of course be happy to take care of that for you also.

We Do Not charge Any Transaction or Processing or any other Fees to Buyers (unlike nearly every other real estate brokerage in our areas of operation).

All of our services to Buyers are completely Free.  Letting us help you with anything - from an initial search, to an actual purchase, all the way to closing, will never cost you a penny.  You sign No contracts with us and are under absolutely No obligation to continue using our services once you begin.  We are here to help for as long as you like, but only while you want us to.